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A Whole Lotta Fun
A Whole Lotta Fun
  • Important Information About Rentals:

    • In case of inclement weather the event will be rescheduled if possible.
    • Full payment will be made if delivery crew leaves for event and event is canceled Weather cancellations do not apply to this.
    • Deposit is surrendered if event is cancelled within 24 hours of set-up. Weather cancellations do not apply to this.
    • Payment in full will be made at time of set-up unless other arrangements have been agreed upon
    • Attendants are not provided unless specified in written contract.
    • Customer agrees to provide necessary supervision for attractions unless you have requested at the time or booking for event to be fully staffed.
    • Customer understands that some attractions require electricity and it is their responsibility to make sure that this is provided.
    • Set up of attractions is based on safety of delivery and removal of attractions. The delivery crew will try to accommodate customer request, but final set up will be at the discretion of the set up crew.  If customer does not agree with set up crew the attraction may not be delivered and deposit may be forfeited.
    • There will be a cleaning fee incurred if customer does any of the following:
      • Allows food or drink to be used in unit.
      • Allows a game that is rented dry to be used wet.
      • Allows participants with face paint of colored hair spray on attractions.
      • Allows silly string to be used near game
      • Request set-up on surface that causes unit to get dirtier than normal rental