Sumo Suits:
Do I have to say anything? These suits are great laughs. Watch as friends, family, and co-workers fall down, roll around, and ask for help to get up. Definitely, one of the most popular for high school, college, and adult events.



15'X15' MAT



Money Mania:$ $ $ Get inside this money machine and grab all you can. Works great with real money, play money, coupons etc... A must have for your prom, auto, or retail promotion

money mania


Giant Trikes: These will be the hit of your event. The trikes do great at high schools, colleges, corporate and church events. This is a game everyone will enjoy from young to old. Even those who do not ride will enjoy watching and laughing at the participants.




SPIN ART: This is a great option for any event, everyone loves making their own frisbee. They will be sure to remember you event for a long time. From young to old Spin Art will be a hit.
WAX HANDS: Everyone will be amazed with wax hands and how easy it is to make a replica of their hand. There is always a line for this one, young and old will enjoy taking home a mold of their own hand. Crowd pleaser for sure!
KARAOKE: This is sure to bring life to your event. Great for high schools and colleges. Will make your company party an event to remember
Dance Dance Revolution: Think you have what it takes to keep up. Well jump on the pad and give it try. Complete system sound, video, and dance pads.
DIGITAL PRAISE: We are excited to be able to offer a worship based option of these two great games. Guitar Praise and Dance Praise offer a clean and positive option for churchs or individuals .
Sound System: Let us bring the sound to you. We will bring the amp and speakers you provide the Ipod. This is a great addition toany size event.